one more blanket, ok?

I know, I know, it’s all babies and blankets over here lately. Hopefully you’ll indulge me for just one more post, then I promise to finish up a quilt, or something less baby-related!

Anyway, after writing the other day about how I really wanted one of those voile/flannel blankets in my size, it was all I could think about for the remainder of the day. I didn’t actually make one yet (still planning on it though!), but I did make up a baby version of what I was thinking of.

In order to make it adult size, I’ll have to go for a patchwork look for the front, and a pieced flannel backing. I figure a good way to see if I like that idea is to make a baby version… and yes indeed, I like it. I certainly do!

It’s so bright and cheerful! I used 6 1/2″ squares of some of my favorite voiles and sewed them into a large square, measuring about 36″. It’s paired with a bright white Robert Kaufman flannel and the binding is the dark brown voile (cut on the bias in 2.25″ strips).

And now it’s a toss up as to which is my new favorite!

(p.s. I had several questions about the size of this blanket – size is really up to you! Since the voile is extra wide, you could go as big as about 40″ square (or the width of your flannel after washing), though you’d need a little over a yard of each of the voile and flannel. I typically buy fabrics in yard cuts, so I made my blankets about 34″ – 36″ square. And of course they don’t have to be square – you could make a rectangular sized blanket with a width of about 40″ and any length you’d like.)

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