the unfurnished quilt in a queen size


I love big quilts! And despite being slightly intimidated by their size, every time I actually make one, I love it. This quilt is made entirely of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley which I think pairs so nicely with the Kona Coal used for sashing. (The pattern is my Unfurnished pattern.) I altered the length of the blocks (upping them to 19″ in length, and a variety of widths), and did 5 columns, which results in a nearly perfect queen sized quilt.


Do you remember my fabulous new sewing table? What I didn’t mention at that time was that Erich and I worked out a trade – the sewing table for a new quilt for his bed (and yes, I’m quite sure I got the better end of this deal!) And since the sewing table has already been getting quite a lot of use, I’m really feeling the pressure to get this quilt finished!


I think it’s looking good so far… Now onto the backing!!

(and no, we don’t usually keep rolls of quilts in our bedroom… but since we have a guest coming who will want a bed to sleep in, the quilts had to find a temporary new home…)

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. I’m looking forward to some swimming, boating, and another fabulous fireworks display!

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