birthday pillows

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might remember that my sister, Whitney, has a huge love for Anna Maria Horner, especially her Good Folks line. For Christmas I made her a quilt out of all the prints, and based on her reaction, I think she loved it. So it was only natural that when her birthday came around we’d go for a little something else Anna Maria…


coordinating quilted pillows!

My mom came over for a little ‘craft day’ — she’s certainly not new to sewing, but hasn’t done any quilting, though you wouldn’t know it from her pillow! And even though she claims the quilting was giving her an ulcer, hopefully she’ll come over again for another craft day.

Mom picked a patchwork square design, which I always love, and I went with stripes — a mini version of the picnic stripes quilt, which is Whitney’s 2nd (3rd?) favorite quilt…


And most importantly, Whit seemed to love them too!


In this photo, I think she was either talking directly to the new pillow, saying “oh Anna Maria!”, or she was trying to figure out if mom had actually made the pillow herself, or if she had just talked me into making it for her.

Anyway, hope you love them Whit!

Happy, happy birthday!


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