a new sewing table!

(or maybe more appropriately titled – we can now eat at the dining room table again!)

When I started sewing, I very quickly took over the dining room table (and surrounding areas!) as sewing central. I wasn’t fond of pulling everything out and then putting it all away every time I wanted to sew, so pretty soon it just stayed out. All the time. And if you ever had walked into our house, you were kind of accosted by sewing supplies, quilts in progress, fabric, and lots of little threads. I admit it wasn’t ideal.


We talked about moving everything into the den so that it was a bit more contained (and also so it wasn’t the first thing you saw when you walked in the front door!). I tried to find a table with the right dimensions, but it didn’t seem to exist. However, as luck would have it, my sister’s boyfriend designs and builds some incredible pieces of furniture, and after hearing me talk about it incessantly, agreed to build this table.


I gave him the dimensions (BIG!) and he designed a perfect crafting table. It arrived yesterday and I’m so blown away with how gorgeous it is! He pieced the top with strips of wood, and it has the most amazing color and design. I almost hate to have to cover some of it up with my cutting mats.

But cover it up I did… because what’s a crafting/sewing table without all your sewing supplies?!


Thank you so very much Erich! I absolutely love it and couldn’t be happier!!

(we’re all happy, actually. I think Morgan’s pretty psyched to have the dining room table back. We ate dinner there last night and I have to admit it was a little strange. But in a good way.)


The design wall still needs to be moved since it no longer seems appropriate over the dining room table. But it will be perfect over the new sewing table!

(Edited to add: you all are making me think I need to keep the design wall here and make a second for over the new table! I do love having the ever-changing art!)


The table measures 7 feet long by 44 1/2″ wide and just a bit over 34″ high.

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