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I bought a stack of Jessica Levitt‘s Timber fabrics in the Breeze colorway several months ago. I really like the cool blues and greens and thought it might make a good beach quilt, but wasn’t sure what type of quilt design to go with. Then I started seeing all the lovely quilts from Randi’s ‘On the Road to Spring’ quilt along, and I decided that something along those lines might work well.


I changed mine up a bit — I upped the size of the rectangles, and rather than just using a single solid for the squares, I decided to use my favorite green with a small strip of white sewn to each side. In the end, I also altered the placement of the strips, so that my squares line up with the middle of each rectangle, rather than on each side.


I’m not typically drawn to this type of pattern – straight lines, repeating pattern, etc. – which might explain why it took me so long to get the top sewn together. It was on the design wall so long that we started calling it art. But in the end, I really do like it. Sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different!


(the late day sun is giving these photos a yellowish cast — next time I’ll try to get midday lighting so you can see the true colors!)

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