morgan’s manly(ish) market bag

I really dislike grocery stores. Luckily Morgan doesn’t mind them, and he’s sweet enough to do most of the grocery shopping. Each time he goes, we have pretty much the same conversation. It goes a little something like this…

(me) “do you want to take the market bag?”

(morgan) “um…”

Standing in the hallway, he looks at me and then over at the market bag hanging by the door. (At this point, I should remind you that our market bag has pink butterflies on it).  There’s a long pause, where I’m guessing he’s trying to come up with some reason why he shouldn’t bring it. He’s got a plethora of excuses… either he’s not getting a lot of stuff and plans on just carrying it, or he thinks we need another paper bag for recycling, or sometimes he just hesitates long enough that I forget and he can slip out without it.

It all boils down to this though…  “it’s too pink. And it has butterflies”.


So…problem solved. Not a bit of pink. And no butterflies.

I’m pleased to say he used it, though somewhat begrudgingly. (apparently those stripes aren’t very manly either…)


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