a break from quilts…

…in order to make baby dresses! (and no, this is not an announcement — sorry Mom!)


The aqua Calypso dress is actually for my sister (and no, she doesn’t have an announcement to make either!) We’re both just enamored by anything teeny tiny and cute. Actually, my sister Whitney doesn’t sew, but she is a Heather Ross fan (and a fan of a mystery giveaway!) so when Heather announced her studio sale, Whit signed herself up for a small package, hoping for some clothing. She did get a cute skirt, but it wasn’t her size, so I suggested using the fabric to make up a little dress.


I used the Itty Bitty Baby Dress pattern, by Rae, of MadebyRae. I had seen so many of these cute little dresses (there’s even a Flickr group for them!) and I knew I had to try making one. I made a test version out of the red hippo Ikea fabric. It went together so perfectly — I guess I didn’t need to test it first (but now I have a cute little dress too!)


Honestly, what more can I say? They’re adorable. Morgan’s been putting up with my craziness, but only just barely. He reluctantly answers ‘yes’ each time I say “aren’t they cuuuute?” And as you can see, he was really enjoying the photo shoot…


So if you’re in the market for a baby dress – either just to admire (like me!), or to put on an actual baby, or maybe as a great gift – I highly recommend the Itty Bitty Baby Dress pattern. Cute cute!

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