another fall quilt…the mini version


Remember my fall quilt top? I love the colors so much that I decided to do a mini version as well. Mainly, it was so I could try out some new (new to me, anyway!) quilting. Have you seen the quilting that Lauren of My Aunt June does? I’ve long admired it, and I’ve always wanted to try it out. If you haven’t already, you should go watch her video which explains how she does this type of quilting – it’s quite entertaining.


I used a grayish-brown thread, and just started sewing away. I used my bigger machine (because it’s way faster!) and just the regular foot. (For those who might ask, this machine doesn’t have a walking foot, but it didn’t seem to matter.) I didn’t drop the feed dogs, just pulled the quilt a bit from side to side as I moved along the quilt. Sometimes I went all the way down the length of the quilt and then turned and went the other direction, and sometimes I went just a part of the way down and then put the needle down and flipped the quilt around to go in the opposite direction.


I love the way this quilting looks! As Lauren mentions in her video, there was one brief moment when I wondered what I was doing to this quilt, but then once more of a pattern emerged, I really was quite taken with the look. I’d love to do it on a larger quilt, but I’m not sure I have the patience! I’m going to keep it in mind though… maybe a good project for one of those long winter days…

For the back of this one I used a solid green. This is Kona Olive, one of my new favorites.


It’s bound in a tan solid and measures 17″ x 20″. I’ve been spending some time just admiring it.

And now for sale in the shop!

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