Etsuko dress, take 2


Remember this dress? It wasn’t good. Shapeless and very, very unflattering. I like the fabric though, and being that it’s double gauze, it wasn’t cheap, so I knew I wanted to try and make something out of it.

The other day I pulled it out, chopped off the top part, opened one side of the new top and smocked it, following Heather’s smocked dress tutorial. I hemmed the bottom (which is now a bit shorter in length than I was originally intending!) and sewed the side and ta da!


So now it’s better. It’s still not great – I feel kind of ‘eh’ about it, but at least it is a wearable dress, and I’m hoping that it’s a bit more flattering. I will say that if nothing else, it’s really quite comfortable — that double gauze is very soft and lightweight. I think I’ll add some straps and then I’ll wear it at the beach!


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