no willpower…

I kind of told myself that I wouldn’t spend any money at the quilt show this weekend. At first, I thought all would be ok… we spent some time looking at the quilts –  this cathedral quilt is huge and all hand sewn!


and it reminds me that I never did finish the cathedral quilt I started last year…

I also liked the different patterns on this one


Anyway, then we came across the vendors… and that’s when things turned bad –

I decided I couldn’t live without these wonderful vintage feedsack pieces


and if you’re going to buy some feedsack pieces, you really must buy enough to make an entire quilt, right?


And then there was a booth with these beautiful Japanese fabrics. I actually had purchased two of these prints many months ago online, and then never could seem to find them again…


Oh, and I just might have put a deposit on a new quilting machine… show special and all…

See, no willpower.

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