oh so many paint-by-number birds!

Too many? I hope not. I do love them so, and I liked the idea of using a lot of this fabulous fabric in one quilt.


I’m proud of myself for cutting into the fabrics. Typically I’m a hoarder, but perhaps this is a sign that I’m getting better…as this quilt used up practically my entire stash of the paint by number birds. I’ll probably keep searching for more though (still a hoarder at heart!)


Someone mentioned the other day that when they use up their favorite fabrics in a quilt they then can’t give the quilt away. I’m in the same boat…


If you came over to my house, I may not be able to offer you a seat, as all available surfaces have currently been taken over by the ever-growing quilt stacks. They make me happy just looking at them, and so for now, I see no problem in having so many!

Oh, and I did donate the top quilt – the baby wonderland – to an online auction. (you can check it out here if you’re interested!) One down…

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