baby wonderland

This little quilt started out as another test. I wanted to try out a different free motion quilting design, and a baby quilt is a good size for me to try something new. Plus, it has the added benefit of using up more of those batting scraps I have laying around!

I used 2 charm packs of the lovely Wonderland fabric line – love those scissors! I simply sewed all the squares together and then backed it with this nice, slightly iridescent orange fabric from Joelle Hoverson’s Net of Jewels.


This is the quilting I had planned on trying –


I gave it a try on this quilt and I wasn’t loving the look. It might be because I had white thread in the bottom bobbin and it was REALLY noticeable on the back. I had about 9 blocks covered with this quilting when I decided I’d had enough. Of course, I really didn’t want to have to pick it all out, so I almost changed plans completely and changed it into a quilted bag, but honestly, I already have way too many bags! So I spent hours (yes, hours!) picking out all the quilting.


Then I redid it with just simple straight lines, 1/4″ away from each seam both horizontally and vertically. I used orange thread in the bottom bobbin and cream for the top, and it looks much better. I suppose I’m glad I took the time to do it (despite all those wasted hours!) – now that it’s washed and dried, it’s a really cute baby quilt!


On an unrelated note, I just had to show a picture of these wonderful pieces of Munki Munki fabrics I received from the lovely Rachel. She had seen one of my older posts where I was looking for some older fabric and she emailed me to let me know she had some of the Heather Ross mushrooms on yellow (yay!). Imagine my surprise when I opened the package she sent and found this great selection of Munki Munki prints. Being a huge Heather Ross fan, I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks so much Rachel!! I think you’ll see these make their way into a quilt at some point (when I’m finally ready to cut into them!)


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