a summer blouse turned bathing suit cover-up

Back to my favorite book!  Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing…  After I made my revised summer blouse I mentioned that I wanted to try modifying the pattern to make a cute little bathing suit cover up. It really hasn’t been anywhere close to warm enough to even think about the beach, but we’re finally seeing signs of spring, which got me thinking again about this dress (oh, and also the fact that I should be spending more time on the treadmill and less time sewing!)


I had 2 yards of this Anna Maria Horner print that’s been sitting for a while. I never quite knew what to make out of it since the pattern is so large scale… perfect for a dress, no?

I used my revisions from the summer blouse and just extended the length. As you can imagine, 2 yards is not quite enough fabric for a long enough dress, so I was a bit concerned that this would have to end up as another blouse (not that that would be a bad thing!). I scrounged enough fabric to put together the bottom trim, which added about an inch – enough for it to be wearable. Since I was tacking on this extra trim (and not matching up the fabric) I also added a bit of this matching mustard yellow solid I had left over from the Far Far Away quilt. I think it adds a little extra interest.


It’s still short, and probably some would say it’s too short for a 30-something to be wearing in public, but I think I might just do it anyway. Or maybe I’ll just stick to wearing it at the beach. Somehow it’s ok for beachwear to be shorter than usual…


I did another vneck on this one, though I made it wider than the last. The sleeves were trimmed to 3/4 length and I added a little more of the solid yellow trim.


Oh, and it has pockets! Need I say more?


Now I just need it to finally warm up so I can wear it!

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