Weekend Sewing – summer blouse take 2

Didn’t I say I’d be making another of these?! I think I was just so psyched to finally make something with sleeves that I actually set to work on this second one right after completing the first (packing had to wait, I had a shirt to make!).

After making the first shirt, I knew there were a few things I’d want to do differently. I told you I’m not much for patterns! So for this one I kind of just winged it – cutting a similar shape, but without the exact pattern pieces (the true pattern for the summer blouse can be found in Heather Ross’s new book, Weekend Sewing). I extended the length and cut it a bit smaller. I also opted for a v neck and 3/4 length sleeves.

Somehow, and I really mean somehow (I was shocked myself!) it all came together almost exactly as I wanted. I used the oh so lovely older Anna Maria Horner print from her Bohemian collection, and I think this fabric is perfect for this shirt – lightweight and summery (perfect for Florida!) and in a print that I don’t mind wearing out in public!

You may be wondering what’s going on with the sleeves, but let me assure you that that was intentional. I actually have a shirt with similar sleeves. (though granted it’s in a material that’s better suited for that type of thing…). I guessed at how to achieve that look, and I came close, though if I were to try it again, I know of a few changes I’d make…

All in all, I have to say I’m in love. Everyone might get tired of seeing me in this one!

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52 Responses to Weekend Sewing – summer blouse take 2

  1. 1
    Sara says:

    Wow! You did an amazing job winging it! I love the colors in the fabric. Perfect for summer.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    That is so cute!! It looks comfy too!

  3. 3
    MichelleB says:

    It looks wonderful! Enjoy wearing it in Florida (and everywhere else).

  4. 4
    Alissa says:

    SO cute! Perfect for some hot weather in Florida and the summer in Vermont!

  5. 5
    Natalie says:

    This is going to be perfect for Florida! I love the fact that you can’t stick to patterns like me. I always have the best of intentions but somehow I always manage to put my twist on things.

  6. 6
    tracy says:

    I totally love the style of this one. Can I send my measurements?! I know you have all kinds of time now to whip up shirts for strangers 🙂

  7. 7
    Amy Hodge says:

    This looks so adorable on you! Nice job!

  8. 8
    Maranda says:

    So crisp and stylish, I totatlly love it:)

  9. 9

    Super cute! I could use one of those here in a few months too 🙂 I love that fabric too!

  10. 10
    Carrie says:

    Very cute. Love the sleeves.

  11. 11
    katie says:

    that is stunning on you! i may have to get that book. i would love a shirt like that in linen!

  12. 12

    I think the sleeves look great! I like that style, too.

  13. 13

    Like it a lot! But I’m still in love with the Swim School one though. I love that fabric.

  14. 14
    Dani says:

    It looks great on you! I actually thought the sleeves were rolled in a wide fold in the bottom picture, which I like. Hmmmmm, might have to add this to the to-do list!

  15. 15
    Terriaw says:

    Will you make one of these for me too? I love that fabric, which looks great on you.

  16. 16
    Sarah says:

    Oh man. I need to get this book and start making some clothes for the summer! This top is lovely and it just makes me want to be at a fun summer party. I’m jealous of your pool in the background. Chicago winters are NOT my cup of tea.

  17. 17
    amandajean says:

    it’s gorgeous AND it looks great on you!

  18. 18
    betsy says:

    you are doing a spectacular jobs on those. It is not that warm here yet so those will feel just right in Florida.

  19. 19
    Heather Ross says:

    I just posted your summer blouse photos on my blog, weekend. They are so lovely! I am so thrilled that you were inspired to set a sleeve… twice! Your revisions to the blouse are fabulous. Would you be willing to write them up and allow me post them on my blog? I am sure lots of my readers would love to know how you did it.

    I can pay you in fabric or cookies. but I’m not a great baker so I would take the fabric if I were you. Really hoping you are up for it!

    -Heather Ross

  20. 20
    sarah says:

    OOOH I just got this book and I also have that bohemia print you used on the shirt.. I may have to try it. I am pretty new to sewing so making things like sleeves scares me a bit but it looks so good

  21. 21
    amanda says:

    What a great blouse! It looks fantastic!!! And that fabric is now recolored and part of Anna Maria’s new Good Folks fabric collection. Yay!

  22. 22
    Kathy says:

    Love, love , love the shirt. Great job!

  23. 23
    Meg says:

    I LOVE IT!!! I think I might try sewing up one for myself… once the temperature gets above freezing!

  24. 24
    claudia says:

    Looks great! Now I really can’t wait to get the book!!!

  25. 25

    Great job… I think it’s funny… you’re a quilter who’s got the dressmaking bug… I was a dressmaker, until I discovered quilting!! heh heh, I think they’ll always go hand in hand… Lx

  26. 26
    Janis says:

    It’s absolutely lovely and even more so considering you made it an indie-design and it came out so well. Doesn’t that feel good?! Great job.

  27. 27
    erin says:

    this looks great! i’m making this shirt right now, too. actually, i just have to hem the sleeves and take in the sides a bit and done! i really love your variations – i have already planned number two for myself. i hadn’t considered 3/4 length sleeves, but thanks to you, i now need them.

  28. 28
    Miss Behave says:

    I can’t wait to get the book! I preordered it a couple of weeks ago and it should be here next week. The blouse was the project I wanted to make first, and after seeing the ones you did I can hardly wait to get started!

  29. 29
    Miss Behave says:

    Oh and I have a question if you don’t mind. How much fabric do you need to make the blouse? I want to order some so I can start right away when the book arrives.

  30. 30
    Sandy says:

    This is awesome! I love it! And, the sleeves are lovely. I would wear it all the time too.

  31. 31
    Serena says:

    It is so cute and flattering! You’ve single-handedly made me want Weekend Sewing!

  32. 32
    Emily says:

    I found your site through Heather Ross’s blog and I’m so glad you did. I’ve been knitting lately more than sewing, but now that winter is winding down I’m feeling the itch to sew. Your site is really inspiring!

  33. 33
    Staci says:

    Wow this is lovely. I completely forgot about Heather Ross’s book. I need to go find me a copy tomorrow because I must make myself one. 🙂

  34. 34
    Autumn says:

    I am enjoying your work and your blog on a regular basis, so I’ve posted a link to it on my blog…….autumnliketheseason.blogspot.com. Thanks for your dedication to crafting. You rock! -Autumn

  35. 35
    Cary says:

    Beautiful work! I looked for that book this weekend but was unable to find it. I guess I’ll have to order it. I hate waiting!!!

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  37. 36
    Jona says:

    Your blouse has convinced me that I NEED to go back and get that book. I was flipping through it the other day but like a dummy I didn’t buy it. D’oh! I LOVE your blouse and something like that is perfect for our Arizona climate. Thanks for sharing everything!

  38. 37
    Rae says:

    Just found your blog by googling “Heather Ross weekend sewing” and then realized I had already seen you on Heather’s blog. Love YOUR blog by the way — it’s so great to find others who are blogging about sewing like this. Love your zig-zag skirt; I too fell hard for the AMH dress on her blog. It’s so great.

    So “Weekend Sewing” is ordered and on its way to me in the mail but I really want to order yardage for this shirt so I’ll have it when (or slightly after) it arrives — how many yards does this shirt need? Thanks in advance if you have time to get back to me. Otherwise, Happy Sewing!

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  40. 38
    joanna says:

    Wow! I wandered over here from flickr. This looks so amazing! You’ve inspired me….

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  43. 39
    MegVS says:

    Hi Ashley,

    I want to try your version, and I read your instructions on Heather’s blog. I am confused about the placket though. Did you change the shape?

  44. 40
    Astrid says:

    This blouse is just beautiful! I love the shape, the fabric, the neckline, everything! Gorgeous! 🙂

  45. 41
    shean says:

    I love it, the fabric is great and the cut of is is flattering. Great Job.

  46. 42

    I love, love, love your top.
    The colours, the fabric, the shape of the top everything looks perfect.
    I am so adding that book to my wishlist.
    Lovely blog you got here…will be back for more 🙂

  47. 43
    Sue says:

    Very pretty! And I even have the book! I like your modifications, though…

  48. 44
    Jeannine says:

    It is gorgeous. I hope you don’t mind that I posted a picture and a link to your blog on mine. I like to share such lovely creations with others.

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  50. 45
    Tonya says:

    Ashley – I love the summer blouse you made from Weekend Sewing. It has been on my list since you posted it in Feb. I was just about to get started on mine, finally. I went to read the instructions you wrote for the modifications for HR’s website. They are not there any more. Do you know where they are posted now? I absolutely love your blog. I don’t know how you get so much done, but it is very inspirational. Thank you.

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  52. 46
    Cricket says:

    Is there any way you could post your revisions or publish a tutorial for this blouse? I don’t think they are posted on the Heather Ross web site anymore. Thanks!

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