I talked about these napkins quite often during the last several weeks, so thought it was only right to show you the completed stack. It was close, but I did manage to finish hemming them all, right before the loaner sewing machine had to go back. (Many thanks to June at my favorite local fabric shop for providing the loaner and for hemming my wedding dress at the very last moment!)

I coudn’t pick a favorite fabric or favorite colors, so instead opted for polka dots. They’re fun, and I already had lots of polka dotted fabric, so it seemed perfect. I had hoped to hem each with this decorative stitch to echo the polka dots, but when my machine had to go to the shop, the loaner didn’t have the same stitch. I moved to these loops, then finally ended up with a zig zag when I was trying to finish them quickly before we left. I don’t think anyone will notice the hem of the napkin anyway!

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