a couple improv blocks

I worked on a few improv blocks last night. I don’t typically make these types of blocks — while I try never to use a pattern, I do usually have a plan of some sort. Making these types of blocks without any real plan takes some getting used to. It’s easy for me to start overthinking and overdoing it. I find when I make one block at a time, I’m more apt to try and pack too much into that block. I like a cleaner, more simple look, so I have to continually remind myself that less can be more.

But now, can I talk about that chair fabric? It’s designed by the talented Laurie Wisbrun and printed by Spoonflower. (You can buy it in her Etsy shop) There’s something about a chair printed on fabric that really gets me (remember my wall hanging?). She now has it available in other colors, and I’ve been drooling over them as well. (maybe if I say enough about it she’ll send me some? Shameless, right? I’m kidding, of course.) I’ve selected a few other fabrics from Jennifer Pagnelli, Erin Michael’s new line, Lush, and of course, my favorite Flea Market Fancy.

This block is my favorite

I had to do a little editing to this one (that’s allowed, right?!)

And lastly, this one, which I’m not entirely sold on… not yet, anyway!

You can see that I’m having a hard time breaking out from the straight lines. I’ll be working on that!

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