the first finished quilt of 2009

I quilted this one the other night and managed to sew on the binding while talking on the phone with a college friend (Hi Kate!). Hooray for multi-tasking!

I had a few issues while quilting this one – I had to spend a little time with the seam ripper, and I ended up with a little fold on the back that I only discovered after I was all finished (of course!). Luckily, now that it’s washed and dried and crinkly all over, it’s hardly noticeable.

For the back I did some simple strips at the top and a pieced section near the bottom using up my remaining strips from the front. I purposely added in some white strips in that section to give it that sectioned look.

(you’ll have to ignore all those wrinkles – I have issues remembering to take things out of the dryer. Just ask Morgan…)

(Speaking of Morgan, he’ll be sad that I made him pose with this quilt this morning before work and then I ended up not using them)

Enough asides – here’s the start of my next project. Back to triangles…

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