Scrap project #3 – Scrappy Bits

I’m working my way through my bag of scraps, though this may be the last one for a while – I’m getting a little tired of these same fabrics! I guess I need to start some other projects in order to create some new scraps…

This quilt is very simple – I had in mind a white quilt with little bits of color. To create it, I pieced together scraps of similar sizes, creating strips of varying lengths. I incorporated these strips randomly in with my white fabric.

I’m liking this simple look, and I think that I may make this quilt again, perhaps next time selecting particular fabrics. It would be a good way to highlight your favorites, without using up too much of your stash!

Speaking of, that’s what I’ll be working on tonight… cleaning up my craft room, and the enormous mess which is my fabric stash. (I’m embarrassed to be showing you this, though maybe seeing it online will force me to get it cleaned up!)

It might be time to throw this away, don’t you think?! (well, unless someone can come up with a good project for super small scraps!)

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