A finished block quilt top

Excuse me if I squeal in delight – it’s my first finished quilt top, and I’m quite excited with how it’s looking! I have to admit that I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to this point…

Last night I finished sewing the strips, and then cut the long white strips for between the strips of blocks. It was difficult work, made more difficult due to my issues with straight lines, a 12″ cutting mat and a short ruler!

After sewing it all together, I did notice that some of my blocks were obviously not the same size to begin with – the bottom edge doesn’t line up quite as I’d hope, and it’s really fairly obvious. I’m going to ignore it though, and just hope that every one else will as well. It’s destined to be a blanket for the couch anyway.

I started working on the back – decided to do smaller versions of the blocks from the front. I’ve cut them to 4″ blocks and plan to do one strip of them off-centered on the back side. We’ll see…

Now it’s off to the store – I’m completely out of thread!

Wish me luck on the next stage of this quilt – I can only imagine it gets harder from here on out!

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