I had big plans…

…to get the top of my newest quilt finished over the weekend.

of course that didn’t happen.

I always think that the weekend will be perfect for completing the sewing projects that I can’t seem to finish during the week, but somehow I always find myself busy doing other things. We’ve had a lot of rain here in Vermont during this summer, so when we woke on Saturday and didn’t see any threatening thunder clouds, we headed off to the beach.

It’s sad to see how fall-like this photo appears, though I suppose it’s that time of year again. You can even see some of the trees in the background that seem to be starting to turn.

When we finally returned home last night, I did a bit of work on the quilt. Thanks in part to many of the helpful comments I received from my previous post about the quilt and the issues I was having, this quilt has come along more easily. I’ve even gotten better at cutting in a straight line! (yes, a ruler and cutting mat does work much better than using a pattern!)

If you recall, I started sewing the blocks for this quilt last week, and ended up with two types of blocks – each used three different fabrics, but in a different type of pattern.

I originally thought that I’d make two quilts, since I didn’t love the two patterns mixed together, but after cutting and sewing a number of additional blocks, I decided that they’d work together after all. (Although this may have more to do with me deciding I’d have a better chance of making one quilt, not two!)

Each block is about 8″ square, and the white sections are about 5″ high. I didn’t plan out a size for this quilt, but hope that it will end up working as a throw for the couch. In the future I’ll need to work on my planning and measuring, but for now, I’m just going to hope it works out!

So, maybe a finished quilt top tomorrow?

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