Modified Coin Quilt

I started this new quilt recently and have finally made a bit of progress on it. I’m using scraps of most of my fabrics – mainly Amy Butler & Joel Dewberry, with a bit of Jennifer Paganelli and Michael Miller as well. I’m hoping to end up with a queen sized quilt for our bed, but it’s taking more fabric than I imagined.

So far, I haven’t repeated any fabrics, but it looks like I may have to (or I have to buy a lot more fabric… hmm… or I have to win some fabric giveaways (see yesterday’s post)).

This will be my first quilt, and I’m a bit concerned about everything lining up correctly. For some reason I am unable to cut in a straight line, even when using a ruler, so my squares are definitely not all the same size. I’ve made myself a pattern out of a file folder, but somehow it keeps getting smaller and more crooked as I keep removing slivers of it with my rotary cutter. I’m on my third pattern, so hopefully some of these rectangles will be the correct size (not that it matters, since they’ll be matched with rectangles of the wrong size!) I guess it will have that look of “this is my first quilt!”.

I still don’t know what to use for the batting, and I don’t know what the backing will be, and I haven’t even considered the binding (nor do I know how to make or attach that…). I definitely have some work ahead of me!

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