An Amy Butler summer tie top

I made this shirt over the weekend as part of my “use up all my fabric” kick. I had this piece of Amy Butler fabric – Wallflower in Cherry – set aside for a tablecloth, but then thought I’d try my hand at a shirt. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie, as this was supposed to be a dress. I cut the front side, then realized that there was definitely not enough fabric for the second side- oops! (So, planning and visualizing – also not my strong suits!)

I’ve seen this type of dress often, sometimes referred to as a pillowcase dress. In most cases, it’s made for a 3 year old. Perhaps there’s reason for that. Does the fact that it’s designed for a child mean that it’s not appropriate for a 30 year old?

My answer.. obviously a resounding no!

I decided to go ahead with it, and luckily was able to eek out enough fabric for the back side of the shirt. Using the remaining scraps, I made a long ribbon which I threaded through the top of the shirt. I have it so it ties on one side, though you could also change it a bit so it would tie on both shoulders.

At the bottom, I used the remaining white rick rack from the green skirt I posted about here.

I think it’s quite cute, and even received a couple (unsolicited) compliments when I wore it over the weekend.

Although I should also tell you that when I wore it and showed it to my sister, her reaction was simply to laugh. She claims she was laughing because it was really cute, but I kept wondering if it really wasn’t because she thought I looked like an adult wearing a shirt made for a child… hmm…

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    raspberry says:

    I think your sister must have been jealous 🙂 I think it looks great!

    • 2
      Lisa says:

      Yes its looks great! I own a fabric shop and my girls (staff) were making heaps of these last summer as dresses and wearing them to work, one in her 30’s and 1 in her 40’s so no definitely not just for kids!

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  3. 3
    Tammy says:

    I *love* *love* love* this top. May I ask how you designed the pattern? I have seen the pillowcase dress patterns for young girls, but how did you modify those to create a tank top?
    I am super excited about creating a few of these for the summer – any imput you are able to share would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
    PS I *love* both of your Heather Ross-inspired tops. The first top, in fact, got me out the the fabric shop to buy that sweet Mendocino print. I can hardly wait until the book is released in Canada.

  4. 4
    joyce says:

    yes, i love the top too…did you make the pattern yourself?

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