An (over) abundance of handmade skirts

Ok, so perhaps I’ve gone a bit overboard. It seems lately that I’m working as hard as I can to use up every last piece of fabric in the house. It’s not an attempt to clean it up, or clear it out – no indeed! (just ask Morgan…) – it seems that I just can’t stand having it sitting there without trying to make it into something… anything, really.

This morning I went through my stash and found half a yard of some Sandi Henderson Ginger Blossom Tortoise Plaid fabric. I wasn’t a huge fan when I originally received it (hence why it was still in the closet!), but when I looked at it today, it seemed to have grown on me and it looked like it would make a good pattern for a skirt.

As I learned during my last skirt-making occasion, I’m hard pressed to fit myself into a skirt made out of just half a yard of fabric. I opted to give it another go, and I hate to say it, but this time wasn’t any easier. The skirt is even smaller than the previous one… let’s just assume that it wasn’t as large a piece of fabric.

So anyway, this is yet another basic short skirt. I set it up so that I’d be able to put in an elastic waist, but due to it being slightly smaller than I expected, I’m not sure it’s necessary. It seems to stay in place on its own. I found some jumbo white vintage cotton rick rack and sewed it to the bottom (I thought perhaps it would make the skirt appear longer in length, but it turns out that minuscule amount doesn’t make that much of a difference).

Now I just need some sunnier weather so I can wear it out… perhaps tomorrow?

Enjoy the weekend!

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