Have you heard of Spoonflower?

Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric? Now you can do so online at Spoonflower! This is a new site, currently still in beta mode, where you can upload your image or design and the people at Spoonflower will print it onto fabric for you which you can then purchase by the yard. Talk about unique, one of a kind designs! Since the site is in beta mode, it does require an invitation, which you can sign up for here. I signed up for one recently, but haven’t yet been invited. I do know of someone who has been though, and as a side note, I must say that he’s pretty crafty! I’m waiting for him to create a fun fabric that I can use…

Anyway, from what I can tell, it looks like the fabrics are $18 a yard, and you can even order a sample or fat quarter prior to ordering larger quantities. There’s no minimum order size, but I believe that the maximum you can order at this time is 5 yards. Plenty for anything I’d be making!

Spoonflower has a blog so you can keep track of the latest news, and they’ve created a couple of videos to show off some of the recent fabrics that people have designed. Did I notice some of Emily’s (of The Black Apple) designs? I’d love to have her Scandinavian house design as a fabric…

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