That’s a big pear! … new Marimekko fabric

How great is this fabric? I ordered this online recently and it just arrived. It’s a Marimekko print – Päärynä – which maybe means “pear”… it sounds close anyway…

My thought was that it would make a great wall hanging – stretched over a canvas perhaps?

What you might not be able to tell is the size of the printed pear on this fabric. I suppose I should have included something in the photo to show the scale. Let me just say that the size is large. Very large. I was suprised when I opened it, imagining it in my head to be somewhat smaller. (Of course, the measurements were included when I ordered it, so it shouldn’t be a surprise…!)

I’m going to have to do some rearranging to find a big enough wall to hang it. And of course, I think I may have to custom build a frame of sorts to stretch it over. I can’t imagine Ben Franklins or Michaels selling a canvas this exact size…

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    Chad says:

    We use these for wall hangings, maybe one is the size you’re looking for?

    We’d love to see the finished piece too and share it on our blog, if you don’t mind. Good luck!

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    emily says:

    this might be a very silly question, but is there any chance you might know where I might be able to find more of this fabric so late in the game? why have I just now discovered it!??

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