vintage chambray top


I love yard sales, and despite not actually needing anything, I can’t resist stopping to browse. This summer I stopped at one sale and in the midst of a bunch of junk, I found a trunk filled with cheap fabric and then a handful of these vintage patchwork blocks at the very bottom. For $2 for the bunch, I certainly couldn’t not bring them home.


These patchwork blocks are hand sewn and made up of stripes, checks, ginghams and other tiny prints (plus that one red solid!). There’s some discoloration and staining, but I kinda like it that way.


There were a total of 10 blocks, though two were falling apart and slightly different in feel. I used the remaining 8 and paired them with a few chambrays and stripes I had on hand to make this large checkerboard section. I wasn’t sure how to enlarge it, so set it aside for a while. The other day I decided to embrace the ‘make use of what you have’ feeling that I get from these blocks (many of those tiny squares are pieced together), and pulled out the rest of my chambrays to see how I could piece them together to get this quilt up to size.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and am so pleased that these patchwork blocks finally found their way into a quilt!



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