Action Kivu Fundraiser


I’m always so pleased to be able to post and spread the word about the Action Kivu fundraiser. This is the 6th year for this fundraiser, organized by Alissa Haight Carlton. Action Kivu works with women and children of the Congo who have been victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo. Part of how they help is by financing a sewing workshop, teaching women how to sew and consequently how to provide an income for their families.


If you have a minute, this blog post on the Action Kivu site is definitely worth a read (and the video worth a watch!). It’s truly amazing to see the excitement on the faces of the women who have completed the sewing course as they are given their certificate and new sewing machine, knowing that they can now help support themselves and their families. Please consider donating so that they can continue and expand these programs to help change even more lives.


And of course, as in previous years, your donation could also win you a fabulous prize! Check this post to see all the generous prizes that are available. Donating is easy – just click the Donate button next to the prize you’re interested in!


The goal is to raise $15,000 this year, so donate today and help make that a reality!

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