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Spring is still a ways off around here, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of it daily. Right now it’s just lots of snow out my window, but hopefully in a few months there will be flowers (er, I’m not really sure actually! this will be our first spring in this new house, so I’m not sure what’s out there…)


Until then, I’ll gaze upon these pretties — this gorgeous new line is by Umbrella Prints, and is aptly named Flowers. I have loved, and collected!, the beautiful prints by Umbrella Prints for years now, and have used pieces in many quilts, and when Amy and Carly asked if they could send me some of their newest quilting cotton line, Flowers, I said yes right away. This line includes 10 beautiful organic cotton prints in a really beautiful mix of colors – light pinks, peaches and coral reds paired with a great gold, some grays (and gray greens) and a touch of black.


I added in a few prints from their previous mini collection and just a couple additional black and white prints to round it all out. When thinking about designs, I was reminded of a vintage quilt I had pinned, and drew up a couple designs inspired by this vintage quilt. Ultimately I came to this design – lots of half square triangles separated by this uneven grid.


It seems it should have been an easy one to put together, but no. I think I felt the pressure to make sure the design showed off these gorgeous prints, so it sat on the design wall for quite a while as I second guessed all my choices — were these solids right? should the triangles point the other way? what if they all pointed one direction? or opposite directions?


I mixed it all up, moved everything around, and in the end came back to my original design. Ah..


The only bummer about the quilt top is that it used up nearly all these beautiful prints! I’m quite certain I’ll have to order myself another bundle (the coral red in this print is the perfect color…oh, and the hearts!…)


Thank you, Amy and Carly, for giving me the opportunity to sew a quilt with your beautiful new prints!


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