one last finish for 2014


It’s not often that I post a quilt top and then post the finished quilt in the next post, but I was motivated to get this one done. It’s been pretty cold here, and all I could think about was draping myself with a corduroy quilt.


I quickly made up a simple backing out of Essex yarn dyed in black along with a bit of extra corduroy and a few other scrap pieces.


(not your typical quilting fabrics – corduroy, double gauze, linen and cotton scraps from old (and new!) dish towels, fabric from old clothing, and even the backside of the corduroy)

I opted for a really light weight batting, because even though I wanted this one to be extra warm, I still wanted to be able to reach for it even when it wasn’t freezing out, and I wasn’t looking for something too bulky. As you can see, I decided on simple horizontal lines for quilting – nothing fancy, because again, I just wanted to be laying under it! I used a gray Aurifil in 40 weight, which worked out well. Even though I don’t usually love the look of light thread on a dark fabric, the stitches do kind of sink into the corduroy and the gray is a little less bright than white would have been.


You can see the great texture the corduroy provides here. And that black and white binding? Love it.


I’m happy to have this one as a last finish of 2014!

Happy New Year!

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