a rainbow of potholders


I haven’t sewn too many (or any!) gifts yet this holiday season, but when faced with the prospect of needing a few teacher gifts, I immediately thought of handmade potholders. Everyone needs a potholder or two, right?


Not only that, but it was also a project that allowed for a bit of help from Max, and I liked the idea that he was contributing a bit towards the gifts for his teachers.


We sorted scraps into piles by color – then he selected the color we’d work on and handed me the strips I sewed together in a simple log cabin design.


The backing and binding fabric follow the rainbow theme and I must say, they’re so pretty all together (and fun to photograph, too!)


So if you’re in need of a quick gift, I highly recommend potholders! I aimed to make my log cabin potholder top about 10″ (about two log cabin rounds), and cut the backing and insides the same. For the insides I use one layer of Insulbrite and a layer of quilt batting. I layer the top, quilt batting, insulbrite, and backing and quilt them, then cut down to 9 1/2″ square. Attach binding, and presto, potholder!


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