we interrupt the sewing for a little vacation…


We recently spent a couple weeks in our favorite place in Florida. We filled our days with donuts at the bakery, walks on the beach, golf cart rides and plenty of time with grandparents (along with all those less than fun things that accompany a vacation with kids!).


It was maybe a little less relaxing than vacation’s been in the past, but certainly fun to see them – Max especially – loving the new routine we established there.


Also, beach reconstruction? Quite possibly the coolest thing in the world to a 2 1/2 year old! If you wanted to entertain Max for a while, all you had to do to bring him to the beach to watch them digging (or ‘scooping va-va’, according to Max).


He was quick to decide that Florida was the place to be, and has been asking to return ever since we arrived back home. I’m with him. The weather there certainly beats Vermont!


Hazel rocked all her new knickers, and I enjoyed not having to wrestle kids into winter clothes and carseats – a vacation indeed!


And on this teeny little island I even had a chance to meet up briefly with a fellow sewer and blog reader, Meredith (Hi! So nice to meet you!).



Don’t worry though, it wasn’t all lounging around (as if, with two small children!), I managed to sneak in a few crafts while I was away. A little knitting post coming up next!

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