a little update


Thanks so much for all your congratulations! Things are going well here – lots of time spent snuggling with Hazel, and adjusting to having 2 kids! Needless to say, it’s been a bit tiring! I’ve been using any free moments to snag myself a nap (or shower!).

If you’ve been following along with Kathy’s fun “Where I sew” series, you may have seen a photo of my sewing space, which is right in the middle of our living area. So I’ve spent a lot of time looking at my sewing table, and the projects I left out before Hazel was born, but no time behind the sewing machine. Soon enough, I’m sure!


Though that hasn’t stopped me from making a few fabric purchases (when I can’t sew, I tend to buy fabrics instead!). This great stack is Squared Elements by Art Gallery, which I picked up from Hawthorne Threads.


But that stack will have to wait — back to snuggling with this little one!

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