a quilt to match the sheets

I can’t tell you how exactly long I’ve wanted these sheets… I liked to browse the anthropologie.com sale section periodically, you know, just in case they had decided to put them on sale. Due to their price, they were never a set I could justify, but thanks to my generous sister, they’re now at home on our bed. What’s even better is that they came packaged in a fabric bag, made of the same floral print  (I’m not sure who ever manages to fold their sheets neatly enough to get them back in a small bag… certainly not me!) So of course my immediate thought was that I could use the fabric for a quilt.

I paired it with a couple prints and a couple solids, and decided to make up several improv blocks, using a piece of the floral sheet print in each block.

In addition to the floral print, I decided to use a striped section in each block as well. I initially thought I’d do a standard layout with blocks of the same size, but when it came time to lay it out, I decided to let them fall wherever they wanted and fill in the extra spaces with the remaining prints and solids.

While this method certainly took longer, I like the randomness of it and I think it’s a fun change from a standard block layout.

To go along with the floral theme, I decided to try out Elizabeth’s dogwood free motion quilting. And wow, I loved quilting it and I love the way it looks on this quilt. If you haven’t tried it, you should! For sure.

It’s especially fun on the back, where I used a solid aqua so you could really see the pattern. I can’t wait to use this pattern on another quilt! (In fact, I like the pattern so much that I’m tempted to quilt my king sized Liberty quilt on my own, just so I can use it again!)

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