swirling swans

This quilt was so fun to make! This is the Swirling Medallion pattern from Jacquie and Katie’s new book, Quilting Modern. I made this version according to their pattern, but there are so many ways you could use their fun stitch and flip technique to make something entirely your own.

The colors were inspired by the swan backing fabric, which is an older Lizzy House print from her Red Letter Day line. I pulled a couple Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids to match, along with one or two matching prints.

I spent a while contemplating the quilting, and actually first started with straight lines, which I ended up ripping out. I’m glad I did, since I really love this irregular herringbone pattern on this quilt (though I will say that I’m glad this quilt was baby-sized – this quilting took some time!)

It’s all finished off with a nice brown stripe for binding.  And for those keeping track, this makes the second finished quilt from the unfinished list. We’re making progress here!

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