bella, bella, bella!

Bella is… well… bella! Lotta Jansdotter’s second line for Windham, Bella, is a wonderful follow-up to her first collection, and in fact, the two play together quite nicely.

I received a lovely charm pack of this gorgeous line from the kind folks at Windham, and immediately wanted to make a quilt. I pulled out some Echo, thinking I’d combine both lines, but then ultimately decided to just focus on the new Bella prints. I doodled this little design one evening – I used a bit of this type of design on a really old quilt back (on an aqua background even!), and thought it would be fun to play with it again.

[I didn’t use a pattern on this one, but Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew has a great pattern in case you’re looking for something similar.]

It looks like I may be a bit obsessed with this patchwork-type background, as I think this is now the third quilt (in a row, even!) I’ve shown with a similar look. This time? Shades of aqua. I had a lot in my stash, along with just a few aqua print basics. There might not be quite enough contrast in this one – the white surrounding the Bella squares seems to blend in with the light aqua – so next time I’d like to try it with a neutral background and maybe a dark green, gray, blue? solid around the prints. Add it to the list…

Anyway, I love these new prints and look forward to adding some to my stash in August!

We lucked out with a beautiful spring day over the weekend. We spent a little time at the waterfront, mainly for this photoshoot, but of course we also took time to enjoy the flowers!

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