Ruby strings (+giveaway!)

I didn’t get this quilt completed for Christmas, but at least I’ll be ready for next year! And of course, what’s nice about Ruby is that it works so well for the holiday season, but is also equally as appropriate for any time of the year.

I had a fun time putting together yet another string quilt. They are a bit tedious to sew, but I love the end result so  much that it’s worth it. This time I switched things up a bit and kept a chart to track of my blocks and their placement, hoping I could get all my strings to line up. Surprisingly enough, most did line up as I had hoped, though if you look closely, you’ll see several spots which are close, but not quite close enough. What’s nice is that from afar you’d never know!

I do hope to get my chart cleaned up and uploaded in case anyone wants to make a similar quilt. And in the meantime, how about a quick giveaway? I have a pile of smaller strings left, and would love to pass them along! They’d be great for a string quilt using smaller blocks or of course perfect for just about any patchwork project!

Just leave a comment here (one per person, please!) and I’ll select a winner sometime tomorrow!

Edit: Comments are now closed. I will select and announce the winner shortly!
_ _ _

(now, back to my last minute gifts! and wrapping! and unfortunately, probably some cleaning…)

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