small projects (or more things made out of Echo!)

That seems to be the theme around here this week. After receiving an order of Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo, I’ve been using it in lots of projects. I’ve been finding it easy to pair with other things in my stash, which is always nice. The sign of a good line, I think!

Max got another pair of quick change trousers –

(side 1, with the great Lotta Ruta print paired with some Flea Market Fancy)

(and side 2, with Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet in yellow and a bit of Lotta Moira.)

{Oh, and for those of you who asked about the pattern for Max’s sweater – it came from an old knitting book of my grandmother’s. My mom thinks it may be a Spinnerin pattern. Unfortunately the only info on the pattern is Baby Pullover #17. A quick google search didn’t come up with anything for me, but I’ll keep looking.}

His pants match the Tova dress I made for myself out of the same print (mother & son matching outfits? hmm.. ) I chopped off some of the sleeve length to make this a summery short sleeved version. Not so appropriate for right now, but luckily we’re taking a little trip to Florida this winter, so I think this will be perfect. (and yes, the sleeves should be just a bit shorter – I guessed, and guessed wrong!)

Oh, and then I couldn’t resist making up another pair of quick change trousers for Max’s cousin, Aidan. I went with the Lotta Ruta in navy paired with a little Cake Rock Beach, with Echino panthers on the reverse.

I used a few of the scraps to make up some string blocks which became these two potholders — a very belated gift for a dear friend. And oops, she hasn’t seen them yet, so I guess I spoiled the surprise. (but after all this time, is it a surprise anyway?)

And lastly, not pictured, because I couldn’t really photograph it, a new crib sheet for Max’s travel crib. I’m kind of jealous, because I’d love to have sheets for our bed out of any of these prints!

So there you have it – lots of lotta! (and I’m not even over it yet, so you’ll probably see it popping up in a few other projects!) How about you? Have you used any of this line in any projects?

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