but what to make??

Do any of you have fabrics in your stash that you love, but that you just can’t seem to put to use? This is one such stack for me. I fell in love with these gorgeous Yoshiko Jinzenji fabrics a couple years ago. I bought a couple pieces online and then came across someone selling them at a quilt show, way back in 2009 (it took me a while to find this post!)

I’ve spent lots of time admiring each piece and even more time flipping through Yoshiko Jinzenji’s latest inspiring book, Quilting Line + Color (oh, and if anyone know where I can get a copy of her Simple Quilt book, please do let me know! I’ve been dying to add it to my collection!) But each time I end up putting these fabrics back in their storage bin because I never feel like I can come up with the best way to use them.

So what do you think? What would you make with these fabrics?

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