spring shirts?

I made a quick stop at Nido this weekend and picked up these fabrics…

(DS Greenfield Hill voile, new Nani Iro, and some Cut Out & Keep)

I’m thinking of using them for a few new shirts, since most of my old clothes are still not fitting quite right (shouldn’t have eaten quite so many Cadbury mini eggs while pregnant!!). I think I’ll probably make another Shearwater Kaftan (here are a few I’ve made in the past) and another Simplicity 3835 (as seen here). I’m also interested in trying out one of the new Lisette patterns… we’ll see. Do you have any favorite shirt patterns? If so, definitely let me know (and of course, the easier the better!)

And because I can’t resist, how about a photo of the little one? He’s already 5 weeks old – how did that happen so quickly? He’s becoming quite expressive –  we’ve been seeing lots of smiles lately (and he’s also got a very sad-looking pout down pat!)

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  1. 1
    randi says:

    oh my goodness, your little guy is just adorable!

    happy sewing!

  2. 2
    Ruth says:

    Gorgeous fabric, gorgeous little boy!

  3. 3
    Marion says:

    Ashley, your little guy is just sooo cute. Love the face 🙂

  4. 4
    Alissa says:

    Ashely. I don’t think his level of cuteness is legal. You should look into that. We missed you at Market! XOXO-Alissa

  5. 5
    Erin Waters says:

    That little guy is just too cute!

  6. 6
    Jennifer says:

    Love the fabrics… I really need to get sewing. I have a few patterns I’m going to try out and will let you know if they’re keepers. Your little one is adorable!

  7. 7
    Molly says:

    How can you possibly get anything done with that adorable little face to gaze upon? He is the cutest baby EVER!

  8. 8
  9. 9
    Robin says:

    ack, the cuteness! i too need to sew up some new tops… have eaten too many cadbury eggs (so to speak) as well. one of my absolute favorite patterns is the tova top (only available here- http://www.wikstenmade.bigcartel.com/product/tova-shirt-sewing-pattern). it’s got more details than the shearwater or simplicity patterns you linked to (and it’s a bit pricey) but it’s amazing on and very well written. it’s not always available for sale, so grab it now if you are interested. (she also has a more simple tank pattern available, though i’ve not tried it.) can’t wait to see your creations!

  10. 10
    Megan says:

    What a sweet little guy! Just six more weeks until my own arrives and I am so far from ready- but ready to not be pregnant anymore and meet her too!

  11. 11
    Lisa says:

    Love that fabric! I had a baby 6 weeks ago and am also experiencing the “none of my shirts fit” syndrome! I sewed up the Lisette market tunic, and it was great. really. very easy to make. It fit a big more snug than I was hoping, so if I do another one I’ll make it a size up.

  12. 12
    elsa says:

    your baby is getting so big! they grow up way too fast (mine is 27).

  13. 13
    Lisa says:

    oh..my..gosh…he is so adorable! just precious! and i luv all that hair :O)

  14. 14
    Carol says:

    What an adorable son you have! Blessings to your family!

  15. 15
    Suzanne says:

    It’s so fun to spruce up the wardrobe. You will have a nice new selection to choose from. Such a stylish mommy!

  16. 16

    My husband has requested that you stop posting pictures of that delicious baby because it is making me feel the urge again. I already have two little devils. Oh how cute and sweet they are when they are so little. He is really beautiful. It’s his cheeks that get me. Oh how I love the cheeks!

  17. 17
    emily curfew says:

    i could stare at his cute little face all day long!!
    you have inspired me to give a try to sewing a shirt! i’ve only ever quilted before. hopefully the Simplicity 3835 is an easy first time project. 🙂

  18. 18
    Connie says:

    Favorite shirt: Over the Top Tunic by Indygo Junction.
    Favorite little one: Max, of course.

  19. 19
    Brenda says:

    He is so completely adorable and I LOVE all of that hair! I haven’t worked up the nerve to try my hand at sewing shirts yet, sleeves are still intimidating … but I’m thinking a skirt may be in the works soon!

  20. 20
    Jen says:

    Aw, my little guy is 6 weeks old and it goes by so so fast! Crazy. Your little dude is super cute. 🙂

  21. 21
    Carol says:

    The photo of sad-max is adorable.

  22. 22
    Jeannette says:

    Oh! He is so stinkin’ cute… be careful though, soon you’ll turn around and he’ll be 10 months old…

  23. 23
    Patricia says:

    Gorgeous fabric and gorgeous baby boy.

  24. 24
    Lana says:

    Wow, what shirts? That little one is so cute…who’s looking at shirts?
    Not me.
    Include as many pics as you want!

  25. 25
    Lisa M says:

    Your little guy is such a cutie!! Such a sweet little face…so precious.

    I have a totally unrelated question for you. Do you know a way to find out when a fabric collection has been discontiued? I found out about Good Folks totally by accident and then went around buying it up while I could get it. I just hate to miss out on any of my favorite designers collections and would love to have a bit more notice.

  26. 26
    Tommy says:

    I have to giggle a bit cause you are excited about the new fabric but the new member of your family takes 100 percent of your attention – as it should be. I can hardly wait to see the new clothes.

  27. 27
    Karen says:

    My husband and I used to say about our son’he is cuting us up’. Some of the expressions are just so cute.

  28. 28
    Laura says:

    I just can’t get over how adorable your little guy is!

  29. 29
    Erica says:

    I love the bottom fabric, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  30. 30
    Katy says:

    How funny! I just picked up that same pink and navy voile fabric and was also thinking of making a cute little summer top with it. By the way your baby is just darling (:

  31. 31
    Sarah says:

    Beautiful fabric and seriously cute little boy. The one thing I’d say about shirts, etc is make sure you can access that which you wish to access (easily). I dropped a lot of shirts and dresses because I didn’t want to pull them up and I couldn’t really access things without pulling them up. I didn’t like to expose any more than I had to 🙂 Shirring is good if it has straps so you can leave one side up.

  32. 32
    carol says:

    Could your baby boy be any cuter? I am loving seeing photos of this adorable guy!

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