spring shirts?

I made a quick stop at Nido this weekend and picked up these fabrics…

(DS Greenfield Hill voile, new Nani Iro, and some Cut Out & Keep)

I’m thinking of using them for a few new shirts, since most of my old clothes are still not fitting quite right (shouldn’t have eaten quite so many Cadbury mini eggs while pregnant!!). I think I’ll probably make another Shearwater Kaftan (here are a few I’ve made in the past) and another Simplicity 3835 (as seen here). I’m also interested in trying out one of the new Lisette patterns… we’ll see. Do you have any favorite shirt patterns? If so, definitely let me know (and of course, the easier the better!)

And because I can’t resist, how about a photo of the little one? He’s already 5 weeks old – how did that happen so quickly? He’s becoming quite expressive –  we’ve been seeing lots of smiles lately (and he’s also got a very sad-looking pout down pat!)

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