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Ok, not new, but new to me! I’m thrilled to have added some of these gorgeous Ink & Spindle fabrics to my stash. I’ve drooled over these fabrics for a very long time, but each time I go to order, I’m put off by the cost to ship them from Australia (I know shipping costs are necessary, but I still hate them! It’s also why the baby’s room is without a bookcase – shipping for the one I want from is 50% of the cost of the bookcase!)

But enough of my shipping issues, back to the fabric! I love the fact that these fabrics are all hand printed, and love that they’re printed on a variety of organic cotton and hemp blend basecloths. It does make them a bit on the pricier side, but certainly worth it if you want to splurge a bit. I like having a little bit on hand to mix in with my other fabrics.

I was quite excited when my friend Phiona, owner of my favorite local fabric shop, Nido, mentioned that she was considering ordering Ink & Spindle fabrics for the shop. They arrived recently, and I had to go snag myself a few bundles. They’re lovely to look at, and wonderful to sew with. I’ve already cut up several of these to make up a quilt for Phiona for a shop sample.

So if you’ve been considering ordering some of these fabrics, you can now order online from Nido – fabrics are sold as fat quarter bundles, listed in the ‘Other Items’ section. This bundle is one of my favorites. (And of course, if you’re like me and hate shipping costs, shipping is only $5 for orders of $50 or less, or free for orders over $50.  (And now I’ll stop complaining about the price of shipping!))

I think I’ll go admire these fabrics instead. Have a happy Thursday!

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