a fun new market bag!

Have you seen photos of Melody Miller’s upcoming line, Ruby Star Rising? It’s gorgeous, and printed on a great linen/cotton blend, which I think is perfect for all kinds of projects. Lately I’ve been liking this weight for market bags.

So when Melody Miller generously sent me a few of the prints from her new line (thank you, thank you, thank you!), my thoughts immediately turned to a new market bag. One can never have too many, really.

I decided to use this fabulous viewmaster print — I didn’t have quite enough to make the entire bag out of this print, so I paired it with a great Echino chocolate brown solid, also in a linen/cotton blend. I used my standard market bag tutorial, but upped the size, and then gave it a bit of an L.L. Bean tote bag look, with a solid colored bottom and extending the straps along the outside of the bag.

The inside is lined in a great aqua solid, complete with a generously sized pocket. And may I just say how much I love it? I love looking at Melody Miller’s fun print, and of course I’m always excited to have a new bag to add to the rotation!

This great new fabric line should be available soon. I don’t know a date – does anyone out there have an idea? I do know that I’ll be stocking up though!

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