macaroni love story

Back when Spoonflower first came on the scene, Morgan signed up for their beta version. For some time he was interested in designing his own fabric. He later got me to set up an account, and since then I’ve been following their blog.

So when Spoonflower announced a giveaway for a FQ stack of Heather Ross’s newest line for Spoonflower, Macaroni Love Story, I entered immediately, even though I don’t often have good luck with giveaways. I didn’t realize that Morgan was still receiving emails from them as well. So apparently he entered too. I like to believe that he was entering in order to try to win this lovely stack for me, but I guess we’ll never know.

Anyway, fast forward to a couple days later, when he jumps up from his computer exclaiming that he was a winner. I didn’t even believe him until I saw the email for myself, and then I started getting excited, thinking that some new fabrics would be joining my stash. However, Morgan seems to have other ideas.

The fabric arrived the other day and since then he continues to remind me that it’s his (I’m allowed to look, but not cut!). And just yesterday he was busy drawing out quilt designs… I don’t know what will come of this, but perhaps you’ll see a little something out of Macaroni Love Story made by Morgan!

But regardless, Heather’s designs are adorable (as always!) and I’m thrilled that I got to see them in person. Perhaps I’ll have to buy myself a stack!

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