a munki munki starburst quilt

I’m waiting for backing for my first starburst quilt, and while I wait, I decided to make up another in a different color palette. While the first is bright and bold, this one is a bit softer, with more pastel colors. I used a selection of Heather Ross prints, a bunch of prints from my munki munki collection, and a few coordinating basics.

As with the first, this one contains 16 blocks, arranged 4 blocks by 4 blocks. I think I burn out after about 12 of these blocks, then I push myself to make a few more to make the quilt large enough. You definitely won’t find me making one any larger than this!

I’m looking forward to seeing this quilted. I’m still debating about how to quilt it – I’m a little concerned about quilting over the section where the points all come together… it’s a bit lumpy!

(If you’re trying out the starburst tutorial, you might want to play around with the direction you iron the seams – I ironed mine open, but I probably should have tested ironing the seams in alternating directions.)

In other news, some of you might have noticed my updated blog design (if you’re reading this through a reader, click through to check out the new design!). My sister, who hates change, urged me to keep it as it was, but I’m hoping that these new changes will make it easier to find some of my older projects. You can now find tabs along the top for tutorials, quilts, clothing & household goods. At the moment, quilts can be sorted by most recent, type, or most commented.

In the future, these changes will hopefully speed up the site, loading images faster (not in place yet, but hopefully soon!). I’ve had a few problems with images overlapping for people with smaller screen resolutions, so this new design should help with that.

I hope you’ll like these new changes, but of course if you find things that aren’t working correctly, do let me know!

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