want to win a featherweight?

When I really got into sewing, I started looking for vintage sewing machines while at yard sales. I found this one a while back, but my dream was always to come across a Singer Featherweight. I suppose it was one of those dreams that you always hope could come true, while deep down you know it’s just not going to happen.

Then one day earlier this year I got an email from Raven, who blogs over at Oversewn. I had been reading her blog for a while and knew that she was an avid Featherweight collector (I wonder if she found any at yard sales?!). I was absolutely thrilled to read her email and to find out that she was suggesting a swap – a Featherweight from her collection for one of my quilts. I hesitated for a second, since I was sure I’d be getting the better end of the deal… in the end we did go through with the swap and now I know for certain that’s true – this machine is a beauty!

It’s absolutely gorgeous and it sews like a dream! I couldn’t be happier! (Thanks again, Raven!!)

So how does this help you? Well, Raven has decided to raise money for the Santa Barbara Birth Center for the help and support she received during her recent miscarriage. The money will be used to open a facility and pay for the renovating and the initial operating costs. By donating $1 – $5, you’ll receive the same number of entries into Raven’s giveaway.

(photo borrowed from Raven’s site)

The big prize is another gorgeous Featherweight, this one in white, and along the way there will be other great prizes – (out of print Heather Ross… need I say more?!). You can check out the other prizes and read all the official rules over here on this post. Then head over to the Santa Barbara Birth Center website to donate (you’ll see a donate button on their site on the right hand side). And lastly, go to this post and leave a comment for each dollar you’ve donated (up to 5). Raven will keep this giveaway open through August, or until her donation goal is met!

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