tufted tweets in the kitchen!

Our kitchen is pretty neutral, so I try to add color with kitchen towels. And what’s brighter or more fun than Laurie’s new Tufted Tweets fabrics?!


I used two of the prints to make a couple new sets. Each is backed with flour sack towels, and paired with a little vintage cotton rick rack around the edges.


In our kitchen these towels do a double duty. Sometimes they act as hand towels, hanging on the over door (and adding a little color!)-


and sometimes they end up over here in this spot next to the sink where we pile the just-washed dishes. This size fits there pretty perfectly, and I like seeing something pretty while doing a chore I dislike!


And then, since I had already been working on some Tufted Tweets hexagons, I kept on with the kitchen theme and turned them into a couple cute potholders.


I hope Laurie likes Tufted Tweets in her kitchen too, because these potholders will soon be headed her way. It seems only appropriate, since they have her name on them!




You can find a tutorial for rick rack napkins here. The dishtowels are made exactly the same – just larger! Mine measure about 20″ x 24″, but you could make them whatever size works best for you!

For the potholders, I used 1 layer of Insul-brite and 1 layer of cotton batting

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40 Responses to tufted tweets in the kitchen!

  1. 1
    Stefanie says:

    I love those towels! I think a tutorial would be great (hint, hint)!

  2. 2
    Jennifer S. says:

    I love it! Great idea for the tea towels (I am a tea towel fanatic), I love the rikrak.

  3. 3
    Tanya says:

    So cheery and cute. I bet Laurie will love your gifts!

  4. 4

    How cute!~ they sure would brighten up the dull kitchen tasks! 🙂

  5. 5

    beautiful Ashley!! Creative minds must think alike… I bought some tufted tweets when in Oregon, specifically to make hand towels and potholders for my kitchen. Those bright colors are perfect for kitchen accessories.

  6. 6
    Erin says:

    Very cute! Do you use a double needle for the double line quilting, or just one and are able to space them out so well!?

  7. 7
    Angela says:

    Love the drying towel – I was just thinking yesterday how I’m sick of the rack next to my sink. A pretty towel would be so much nicer!

  8. 8
    holly p says:

    Love the potholders! So bright and fun.

  9. 9
    Amy says:

    I was already thinking how great that line would be in my own kitchen 🙂 Very cute!

  10. 10
    katie says:

    The best part of this great project? Selvedge as the fabric loops on the potholders. Brilliant.

  11. 11

    Squeal!!!!!!! Everything turned out SOOOO cute. And it makes me so happy to know that some Tufted Tweets is going to be living with you in your kitchen! I’m getting ready for a move, so having some bright new kitchen accessories will be so lovely in my new kitchen! I’m going to sew up some towels to match this weekend. So sweet of you to make me potholders. And such incredibly cute ones!!! THANK YOU a million times over. I’ll be stalking the postman and I’ll send you pics of them in their new home. 🙂

  12. 12
    Islay says:

    Love the combination with rickrack!

  13. 13
  14. 14
    Linda says:

    Ashley – What a great idea! A fun way to bring my quilting addiction into the kitchen. Do you sew a big X through both layers to keep them together? or do nothing? I have some fun plaid towels that I use in my kitchen, I think I’ll sew them on to the back of my cute “Monaluna, Metro Market” fabric. BTW, I’m looking for a tutorial for an easy beginner 4 or 5 inch square quilt for my beginner friends. Know of one? I love the designs of your quilts and the color combinations, they are pleasing to the eye, thanks for sharing.

  15. 15
  16. 16
    Caroline says:

    Gorgeous except I don’t think i could bring myself to use them. Our dishtowels look so horrid after a couple years use, I would hate to do that to Laurie’s beautiful fabric LOL. I love the quilting on the potholders – i might need to make myself some of those.

  17. 17
    Megan says:

    Oh great…now I’m going to HAVE to make some TT hexie potholders! Like I really need another thing on my “to sew” list! LOL – LOVE it all! The rick rack is a charming touch.

  18. 18
    Mary Ann says:

    Love these…I keep meaning to make some napkins and this is a fabulous way to have some of the fabulous fabrics around making me happy all day!

  19. 19
    Mary Ann says:

    Oh and the selvedge as the loop…beyond clever!

  20. 20
    April says:

    You simply MUST stop showing off your tufted tweets. I am waiting and waiting and waiting for any one of my local shops to start carrying it. Seriously. I may have to stop reading your blog for a while… 😉

  21. 21

    How clever to use the selvage edge for labels on Laurie’s potholders!! Cute!

  22. 22
    Fara says:

    These are just great, Ashley! I should make myself some pretty kitchen towels too, so at least I see something nice when I (get around) do chores! Can you tell us here or on Flickr what color binding you used for your potholders? Is it Kona Charcoal? It looks great with the bright colors. I’m thinking of a quilt with a charcoal background, and bright color accents, and am looking up examples to see if Kona Charcoal looks good, or if I should go with Kona Coal. Thanks 🙂

  23. 23
    WHATUPDUCK says:

    Fancy towels!! What will you think of next!!?? Very nice!

  24. 24
    Nova says:

    love all your kitchen goodies! The kitchen towels look so good, what a great idea. Loving the ric rac detail, super cute.

  25. 25
    Suzanne says:

    I’m so lame. I thought you said you backed them with FOUR sack towels. The train of thoughts and questions that followed was really interesting. Lovely towels and clever use of the selvage.

  26. 26

    I love love love this line!! Great use of the selvage on the potholders.

  27. 27

    Soooo great! LOVE the potholders! They make me want to get crafty and make my own. 🙂

  28. 28
    Sarah C. says:

    How cute!!! I really need to make some new towels for my kitchen – maybe this is just the inspiration I need!! Thanks for sharing!

  29. 29

    This is a great idea – I need to make myself some towels like this.

  30. 30
    Jill B says:

    Oooh these are gorgeous! Well done.

  31. 31
    Mary F says:

    Love your towels! They are a great gift idea! Where do you find good flour sack towels that are on grain and don’t keep shrinking all to heck when you wash them?

  32. 32

    I’m just crazy about that fabric and NOW another thing to do with it 🙂 thanks…i think…maybe i should order some more of that fabric so i don’t run out…EVER 😉

  33. 33

    I absolutely love those potholders! I am a sucker for quilted pot holders! I am now going to have to go to my fabric stash and make some pot holders to brighten up my kitchen this summer!

  34. 34
    Shannon says:

    Beautiful towels. I really like the idea of using the flour sack towels. I’m going to try this for my sisters kitchen:)

  35. 35
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  37. 36
    Melodee says:

    I have never liked hexagons before I saw the way you use them. Now I want to learn how to make them, have you ever done a tutorial or would you please create one, I am guessing I may not be the only one out there looking for an easy way to make hexagons.

  38. 37
    Justine says:

    Beautiful I love them all!! Justine xx

  39. 38
    Jeni says:

    I want to make some towels…I love yours. I perked up when I saw your Mrs. Meyer’s product on the counter. I enjoy her dishwashing soap. As a matter of fact one of my favorite gifts to give is a bottle of her soap with a set of crotcheted washclothes. You always have the most bright and most fun projects to share…Thank you!

  40. 39
    Helen says:

    Someone else asked this question earlier and I didn’t see a response so I’ll again. Do you fasten the back and front together in any way? This is a great idea I’ll want to play around with. Thanks!

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