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You may recall that for my month of the Block Party quilting bee I requested blocks in the style of Denyse Schmidt’s Drunk Love in a Log Cabin. I didn’t have any particular colors in mind, so instead I just sent out a different selection of fabric scraps to each bee member. These talented ladies really came through for me – I was amazed and thrilled with each of the blocks I received (click the links to see a few of the fabulous blocks that were made).


I decided to go for a queen sized quilt (since half the blocks would be made for me!), so for a few months now I’ve been adding to the pile of blocks. They’re all complete now, and I’ve arranged (and rearranged!) them on our living room floor until I found a pleasing arrangement. It was a bit of an obstacle course there for a while, but I’m happy to say that I now have them all sewn together into this lovely quilt top. I can’t say enough about it. I won’t even try. Just know that for the last several days all I’ve been doing is admiring it.

I’m thinking of a solid aqua for the backing. I might even splurge on my favorite Amy Butler solid. I think this quilt is worth it, don’t you?


A huge (huge!) thanks to the ladies of block party – Alissa, Kristin, Jacquie, Elizabeth, Ashley, Sarah, Lisa, Rashida, Nettie, Josie & Megan – for the absolutely stunning blocks you all sent!!

And speaking of Block Party… have you heard the news? Alissa and Kristin, the co-hosts of this quilting bee, are writing a book! You can read more about it here. All the women from our quilting bee have been asked to contribute, and additionally, the Block Party blog will be changing over to a quilt along. If you decide to follow along, you may have a chance to have your block in the book as well! Keep an eye on the Block Party blog for more information.

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