where the quilts live

I’m often asked what I do with all my quilts. This might not be pretty, but I welcome you on this little photo tour of where the quilts live…

Let’s start upstairs in the guest room, where I store the stack that are currently for sale


Then a quick detour to our bedroom – our queen sized quilt on our unmade (I mean, yet to be made…) bed


Heading downstairs… the Echino quilt lives on the back of this couch


And in the chair next to it is the 9 patch I haven’t yet shown you (yay, I finally finished it!)


And maybe now you’re thinking… “hmm… that’s not too bad… Just a couple quilts – nothing to be ashamed of…” Well, you haven’t yet seen this room, or this chair, which is positively groaning under the weight of all the quilts.


I don’t even know what to say.

But there you have it, and now you know. I’m a quiltaholic. Quite possibly there’s a group for this?

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend! It’s actually going to be sunny and hot here so I have a beach weekend planned… and if there’s time, maybe I’ll work on a little of this, my next quilt –


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