and some more weekend sewing…

I had to do a little more sewing for my summer wardrobe. It’s finally getting warm here, and I’m going to need more than just 2 dresses for this summer!

So here’s the third – (ignore my strange look in this photo!)


and yes, it’s ok if you hate the print! I questioned the appropriateness of this for a while, but then finally opted to go for it. I think it’s amusing. As with my bathing suit cover up, I followed my modified pattern from Heather Ross’ Summer Blouse from Weekend Sewing. (oh, and if anyone’s interested, there are a few more details of the modifications I made posted on Heather’s blog).

I made this one with a scoop neck and short sleeves


I thought it needed a little something in terms of color, so I added the pink trim both to the neckline and the hem. Oh, and I also used it for the pockets. I realize no one else gets to see it, but I think it’s fun!


Next  up, a new shirt – again inspired by Heather’s book (did I mention I love this book?!)

This one is based off the little girl’s smocked dress, but made into a summer tank top.


I used this great older Anna Maria Horner fabric – I’d been saving it for a dress, but this shirt won out!

I cut a front and back section and then followed Heather’s instructions to smock the top of each. Then sewed them together and added some thin straps. It might just be the most comfortable shirt I own, and seems to work well either on its own or under a cardigan. Fun!


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