the honeymoon is over…

But what fun it was! Thank you to everyone who left comments congratulating us and sending best wishes. I really loved reading them all! I think there will be one other wedding-related post once our photos are more organized. (hopefully three wedding posts isn’t too many!)

We spent our honeymoon on Boca Grande in Florida, which is the teeny little town on Gasparilla Island in Southwest Florida. We were married there as well, and decided we didn’t need to spend any time traveling to some other secluded beach when we had beautiful uncrowded beaches right where we were…

We spent our days looking out at turquoise water


looking for (and finding!) all the common and uncommon shells on the beach (thanks to my Aunt Susan for letting us know what to look for!)


and then organizing them by type (I just can’t help collecting things!)


taking lots of photos of ourselves (luckily Morgan has long arms!)


and watching the sun set over the Gulf


It was all quite perfect!

(returning to work and Vermont will be very hard!)

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