We’re married!


More to come a little later on!

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    MichelleB says:

    Congratulations! All the best to you now and in years to come.

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    Kate says:

    Congrats Ash and Morgan! Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear all about the big day!

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    Martha says:


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    I’m glad you were finally able to post a pic. I’ll download my pics from the wedding and send them after work!

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    Kerri says:

    Congradulations!! You looked so beautiful and are shining in that picture!!

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    nettie says:

    congratulations! best wishes to you both.

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    Chelsea says:

    Congratulations! I love the green flowers.

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    katie says:

    you guys look so great! yay!

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    Katheirne says:

    Awww, congrats!!!!! Where is your new hubby from?..He looks Filipino. I ask cause my hubby is Filipino..If I;m wrong..sorry! Your pic is great..you look so so happy 🙂

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    tracy says:

    congrats, it is nice to finally see you!

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    kate says:

    Yay! Congratulations! You both look wonderful and happy!

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    Donna says:

    Aweseom! Congratulations!! You guys look super happy!

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    Donna says:

    Err, make that Awesome . .I’m not sure if it’s aweseom or not, since I’m pretty sure I made that word up. Can’t even blame that typo on holding a baby and typing with one hand. Wait. Baby’s sleeping. Why am I not sewing??

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    katie says:

    Congrats! You too are so cute!

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    So beautiful! Look at how happy y’all are! Congratulations on a new beginning for both of you!

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    Amy says:

    Best wishes for a long and colorful life together!

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    Sara says:

    Congratulations! You look stunning!
    Hope your wedding day was extra special!

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    Terriaw says:

    Yay, congratulations! You two look fabulous!!!

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    georgia says:

    Congratulation tos you both! May you have a long and happy life together. 🙂

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    Amber says:

    Congratulations – you guys look so cute!

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    staci says:

    Congratulations! You look so happy! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness…

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    Serena says:

    Woo-hoo! You look lovely and your husband looks great too! Congratulations!

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    Em says:

    Congratulations!! This is a gorgeous photo of you two!

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    Jess says:

    Congratulations! A toast to a lifetime of happiness!

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    Katie says:

    Cute pict I take it that was taken after lunch? Can’t wait to see the rest!

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    Maija-Liisa Ihanus says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations! You look so happy!

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    Cheryl says:

    There is something a little bit special about making it official. Congratulations. Enjoy the honeymoon.

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    Sylvie says:


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    Kelly says:

    Congratulations! You both look gorgeous.

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    erin says:

    will send your package this week….

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    Jody says:

    Congratulations…I hope your wedding day was beautiful and memorable!! You both look very happy!

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    Maite says:

    Congratulations!! Felicidades!!
    Un saludo

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    Tricia says:

    You two look simply gorgeous…and those smiles! I hope you had the most wonderful day!

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    Dorrie says:

    Best wishes to you both! I love your dress, very coastal! Enjoy!

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    Janis says:

    Woo-hoo! So happy for you!!!

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    Melissa Sews says:

    Sending up a prayer that you will be blessed with a long, happy, and fulfilling marriage! Congratulations!!!

    God’s Peace,

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    Priscilla says:


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    betsy says:

    congratulations. You made a stunning bride.

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    jacquie says:

    congrats…now the ride begins!!!

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    Stephanie says:

    Congratulations! I’m eagerly awaiting details – especially those napkins (I am considering making napkins for my wedding this year).

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    josie says:

    Congratulations!! You both look as pleased as punch.

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    Melanie says:

    Congratulations!!!! Wishing you much happiness!!!!

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    Ginger says:

    As a wedding guest, I can say that this picture, while lovely, doesn’t do justice to how happy you both were that day And, Stephanie, the napkins were great, and looked really festive on the tables at the luncheon as the guests came in. Make them for your wedding.

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    Dewdrop says:

    Congratulatons! You both look wonderful!

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    Rory says:

    Wow look how many people read your blog!! We all wish you well!!..Can’t wait to see pics of the day!!

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    Taylor says:

    Congrats to you both! How wonderful! 🙂

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